Upcoming Speaking Engagements

2024 American Association of Colleges & Universities Annual Meeting
January 17-19, 2024 (♪) Washington, DC
Weathering Organizational Changes: Supportive Supervision Strategies for Managing Emotional Labor & Psychological Well-Being

2024 Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference
April 8-12, 2024 (♪) Hilton Head Island, SC
Intensive Training Seminar: Evaluating & Communicating Best-In-Class Workplace Health and Well-Being Program
How Good Strategy Can Take Your Workforce Mental Health Efforts to the Next Level

Recent Speaking Engagements

1º Congresso de Saúde Mental em Local de Trabalho
November 17, 2023 (♪) Lisbon, Portugal
Opening Keynote: Psychologically Healthy Workplaces: Sowing the Seeds of Change
Measure for Action Panel: The Mental Health at Work Index

Health Enhancement Research Organization 2023 University Summit
October 30, 2023 (♪) Online
Show me the data! Measurement and Evaluation in Workforce Mental Health

Health Enhancement Research Organization Forum 2023
September 26-29, 2023 (♪) Salt Lake City, UT
Mind the Gap: Putting Science to Work in Health Promotion
N=1: Developing a Workforce Mental Health Strategy That Fits Your Organization

Amplifying Social Impact and Workplace Health and Well-Being Initiatives: Lessons from the Field

Occupational Health Psychology Summer Institute
July 24-26, 2023 (♪) Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS
The Critical Role of Strategy in Building Healthy and Safe Work Communities
Market-Driven vs. Regulatory Approaches to Creating Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Health Enhancement Research Organization Webinar
July 20, 2023 (♪) Online
Advancing Workforce Mental Health: Progress, Pitfalls, and Practical Solutions

National Summit on Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing: A Focus on the Graduate Academic Environment
June 27, 2023 (♪) Baltimore, MD
Organizational Approaches to Workforce Mental Health: New and Emerging Guidance and Frameworks

Maryland State Firemen’s Association Convention & Conference 2023
June 18-23, 2023 (♪) Ocean City, MD
Creating A Psychologically Healthy Fire Department

Founders Forum London
June 15, 2023 (♪) London, UK
Addressing Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing

HR Exchange Talks
April 19, 2023 (♪) Online
Caring for Your Mental Health and Wellness at Work

33rd Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference
March 27-31, 2023 (♪) Colorado Springs, CO
Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing: How to Back Up Your Commitment to Workforce Mental Health with Meaningful Action

Midwest Business Group on Health Mental Health Summit
March 22, 2023 (♪) Chicago, IL
Invited Keynote Address – From Origin Story to Narrative Arc: Developing a Powerful Workforce Mental Health Strategy

Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces Webinar
March 8, 2023 (♪) Online
Mental Wellbeing Programs and Guidelines: Where Is the Evidence?

Conferência: Bem-estar, produtividade e sustentabilidade das organizações
February 2, 2023 (♪) Lisbon, Portugal
Thrive: Well-Being, Performance and Organizational Sustainability

Illinois Firefighter’s Association Annual Conference
October 28-30, 2022 (♪) Champaign, IL
Creating A Psychologically Healthy Fire Department

The Wellbeing Partners’ 2022 Xchange Summit
October 11, 2022 (♪) Online
Closing Keynote – Flourish: The Role of Work in Protecting and Promoting Psychological

The Johns Hopkins P.O.E. Total Worker Health® Center Mental Health in the Workplace Fall Summit
October 6-7, 2022 (♪) Baltimore, MD
Workforce Mental Health in the COVID Era and Beyond

Health Enhancement Research Organization – Fall Think Tank 2022
September 20, 2022 (♪) Fernandina Beach, FL
Will new and emerging guidance improve employer efforts to advance workforce mental health?

Fire-Rescue International
August 24-26, 2022 (♪) San Antonio, TX
Recognize, Mitigate, and Support Behavioral Health for Your Members

NVFC Health & Safety Training Summit
June 24-25, 2022 (♪) Orlando, FL
Creating a Psychologically Healthy Fire Department

32nd Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference
April 13-15, 2022 (♪) San Diego, CA
Beyond Mental Health: Promoting Psychological Well-Being in the Wake of the Pandemic