Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Health Enhancement Research Organization Webinar
July 20, 2023 (♪) Online
Advancing Workforce Mental Health: Progress, Pitfalls, and Practical Solutions

Occupational Health Psychology Summer Institute
July 24-26, 2023 (♪) Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS
The Critical Role of Strategy in Building Healthy and Safe Work Communities
Market-Driven vs. Regulatory Approaches to Creating Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Health Enhancement Research Organization Forum 2023
September 26-29, 2023 (♪) Salt Lake City, UT
Mind the Gap: Putting Science to Work in Health Promotion
N=1: Developing a Workforce Mental Health Strategy That Fits Your Organization

Executive Leadership Forum: Building Trust in Uncertain Times
October 6, 2023 (♪) Online
Practical Strategies for Building Trust

Recent Speaking Engagements

National Summit on Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing: A Focus on the Graduate Academic Environment
June 27, 2023 (♪) Baltimore, MD
Organizational Approaches to Workforce Mental Health: New and Emerging Guidance and Frameworks

Maryland State Firemen’s Association Convention & Conference 2023
June 18-23, 2023 (♪) Ocean City, MD
Creating A Psychologically Healthy Fire Department

Founders Forum London
June 15, 2023 (♪) London, UK
Addressing Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing

HR Exchange Talks
April 19, 2023 (♪) Online
Caring for Your Mental Health and Wellness at Work

33rd Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference
March 27-31, 2023 (♪) Colorado Springs, CO
Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing: How to Back Up Your Commitment to Workforce Mental Health with Meaningful Action

Midwest Business Group on Health Mental Health Summit
March 22, 2023 (♪) Chicago, IL
Invited Keynote Address – From Origin Story to Narrative Arc: Developing a Powerful Workforce Mental Health Strategy

Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces Webinar
March 8, 2023 (♪) Online
Mental Wellbeing Programs and Guidelines: Where Is the Evidence?

Conferência: Bem-estar, produtividade e sustentabilidade das organizações
February 2, 2023 (♪) Lisbon, Portugal
Thrive: Well-Being, Performance and Organizational Sustainability

Illinois Firefighter’s Association Annual Conference
October 28-30, 2022 (♪) Champaign, IL
Creating A Psychologically Healthy Fire Department

The Wellbeing Partners’ 2022 Xchange Summit
October 11, 2022 (♪) Online
Closing Keynote – Flourish: The Role of Work in Protecting and Promoting Psychological

The Johns Hopkins P.O.E. Total Worker Health® Center Mental Health in the Workplace Fall Summit
October 6-7, 2022 (♪) Baltimore, MD
Workforce Mental Health in the COVID Era and Beyond

Health Enhancement Research Organization – Fall Think Tank 2022
September 20, 2022 (♪) Fernandina Beach, FL
Will new and emerging guidance improve employer efforts to advance workforce mental health?

Fire-Rescue International
August 24-26, 2022 (♪) San Antonio, TX
Recognize, Mitigate, and Support Behavioral Health for Your Members

NVFC Health & Safety Training Summit
June 24-25, 2022 (♪) Orlando, FL
Creating a Psychologically Healthy Fire Department

32nd Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference
April 13-15, 2022 (♪) San Diego, CA
Beyond Mental Health: Promoting Psychological Well-Being in the Wake of the Pandemic